Why is musical theatre a fantastic way to train as a performer? Well there’s never a dull moment.

In a musical theatre class, you can be singing a song at one point, playing a drama game 10 minutes later, and learning a rousing Broadway dance number in the next moment.


There’s so much variety in musical theatre training that it creates an energy buzz that’s not found in other performing arts classes. Musicals tell a whole story. Through our dance, through our singing and through our acting, we engage the audience and take them on a journey.

There is no point just standing on stage and singing a song with no expression. We need to put our whole triple threat training into that song to create the character that will wow the audience.

Triple threat training means that you’re skilled in three areas, not just one. It also helps us to develop life skills; working as a team, speaking up and building confidence. Everyone can shine in a musical theatre class, and in musical theatre performance there’s room for great actors, great singers and great dancers – we can learn from each other.

There is such a variety of skill levels in a musical theatre classroom and this creates a multi-level learning environment. Every student has their unique style, abilities and areas in which they shine so we can all improve by watching each other.