Kids learn best through PLAY.

And what better place to PLAY than in the THEATRE?

That magical essence children are naturally drawn to forms the basis of the…


A complete, comprehensive performance curriculum delivered in the way your child learns best – joyful, creative PLAY.

Through five carefully crafted levels, your child will learn…

  • Theatre terminology
  • Theatre Etiquette
  • Use of Space, Voice, Physicality and Storytelling
  • Ensemble Teamwork
  • Characterisation
  • Theatrical Conventions
  • Stage Presence

Rehearsing in weekly classes that incorporate acting, singing and dance, your child will delight in the variety, energy and magic that musical theatre has to offer.

Every student performs in two full musical productions each year. This allows for maximum confidence-building, teamwork, progression and loads of MAGICAL EXCITEMENT!

Give the gift of theatre to your child today!


At Broadway Academy we create a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE that INSPIRES a generation of children to become ALL THAT THEY CAN BE.