Your child is unique in our eyes, deserving of every opportunity to develop into the performer and person they want to be.


Our favourite moments, that occur quite frequently, are when parents remark on how much more self-assured their child is after performing with us. Countless stories of students too shy to utter a word at first who end up in a lead role of their school play, school captain or simply having a much greater confidence within themselves on a daily basis. Although we’ve done many shows over the years, it is your children’s ‘lightbulb’ moments we teachers witness behind the curtain that keeps us doing what we do.

Ttheatre is unique in that there is so much variety. In every class your young performer will experience movement skills and choreography, drama games, acting exercises and singing training. A wonderful blend of activities to develop not just performance abilities but life skills.

Think about what is important as your child grows older

  • The ability to speak to a wide range of people
  • A confident, strong posture and stance
  • Teamwork skills
  • Focus and concentration in order to achieve at a higher level
  • Reading
  • Resilience
  • A passion for something that makes life worth living


All of these things can be gained from being involved in musical theatre.

We constantly work on developing the voice while improving our dance and movement skills.

A cast is the very essence of a team.

Waiting backstage and ‘reading’ the show for cues takes great focus.

Script reading is brilliant to encourage language skills.

A performer needs to learn to take success with disappointment – not everyone can gain the lead role!

Musical theatre becomes a lifelong love. Many students continue to perform and others simply enjoy attending the theatre well after they have left the stage themselves.


So many skills rolled into one exhilarating experience.

Give these gifts to your child and revel in the rewards.

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