12 Broadway Students attended the first annual Broadway Theatre Celebration in Newcastle this October.

Here’s what happened…


The atmosphere was electric as we arrived at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle. Our group of twelve Broadway Academy performers huddled nervously in the front courtyard and watched some other very large and excited groups forming. We weren’t sure what we were in for.

We weren’t sure what the day would bring,

but we were excited about the challenge ahead.

After registration, everyone was welcomed into the beautiful Civic Theatre for an energetic warm-up and the all-important jazz hands. Then it was time for the adjudications to begin. Each group from all around Australia performed 10 minutes of the show that they’d been working on. As each group left the theatre to warm up, the rest of the crowd was encouraged to yell out “CHOOKAS!” as they left, in a final boost of confidence.newcastle

We watched some amazing groups perform their productions. Everything from Beauty and the Beast, to Into the Woods, to the new musical Shrek. What was fabulous was to watch the adjudications of our professional judges. This wasn’t a competition. It was absolutely a celebration, and the adjudicators were focused on giving critical but very positive feedback. They would jump right up on stage to help each group improve part of their performance. Finally, it was time for our Broadway Academy’s performance of Elf. Our kids did such a wonderful job, despite one of them twisting his ankle part-way through the show and carrying on right ’til the end! What a wonderful achievement.

The rest of the day included fabulous workshops with the industry professionals and the closing ceremony that included a rousing teacher dance. Three or four students from every group were also chosen for an All-Stars group, which performed at the closing ceremony.


What we gained from the experience was

  • fantastic feedback
  • bonding and team-building
  • a real celebration of theatre
  • the realization that this passion is bigger than just what we experience in our Mornington studio
  • The opportunity to meet new people who were into the same things as we are.
  • The opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone and really test ourselves.
  • And all-importantly, how to do the perfect JAZZ HANDS!

We’ll be back next year, so we’d love you to join us in October, 2017!