If you are considering theatre classes for your child they are one, lucky kid. As well as learning singing, dance and acting skills, you will be opening up a whole new world of acceptance, creativity, individuality and community.

Musical theater classes are for students of every experience level. In each class, we have beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. This really adds to the classes, because we learn from each other. Often less experienced children look up to those who have been around longer and soak in the skills and confidence shown. I love watching a child who is very cautious to begin with, progress to a small role or even a main role further down the track.


Everyone already has the instruments they need to perform,

  • our body
  • and our voice.

Our body can be trained to move, and be expressive, and use gestures. Our voice, in the same way, can be trained, at any point, to become a performing voice.

Performing is a lifetime journey. It never stops. At whatever point your child is at, they can jump in and start performing and they’ll never stop learning. Come and join us – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!