Auditioning can be a daunting experience for young people but it is an important part of preparing for a show. To make the process as positive and stress-free as possible, follow these tips…untitled-112-2

  • When submitting a video audition, it’s really important to perform as if you have an audience in front of you. Imagine your camera is the audience and present as though they are watching you live. It’s a good idea to fix a point of focus for your spoken scene. If the character is speaking to another character, set up a chair or stuffed toy to ‘talk’ to.
  • Make sure you learn your lines really well beforehand, that’s going to free you up to perform your best in an audition.
  • Think about the character that you’re portraying in your audition; who are they, what kind of person are they, how old are they, what do they do in their life. What is going on in this scene or this song? What’s happening? Why are they singing or saying these lines? That’s going to give you a really great indication of how you can present your material because it gives it lots of context.
  • Engage your body. We sometimes see performers who have learnt their lines beautifully but then sit on their bed to record. This kind of audition is not going to be anywhere near as effective as if you stand to deliver, gesture and use your whole body to perform. Be confident and pretend you’re in your full costume with your props and the lighting and you’ll deliver a fantastic audition.