What does it take to stand out from the crowd?

If you’re a performer you need to find what’s unique about you. Many performers watch others and copy exactly what they’re doing. It might be a role that’s been on television, or in a show, and they think that the only way is to replicate exactly what the original performer did with that character. What’s much more interesting is to find what’s special about YOU and bring that to your performances.

Ask, what are my strengths?

What am I really great at?

Am I a fantastic comedian?

Is my singing superb?

Can I do physical theatre in an interesting way?

What can I do to set me apart from everyone else?


What kind of characters do you like to play? Do you always tend to lean towards the same type of character? A really great way to become a unique performer is to challenge that norm and play a different type of character. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and audition for something new. It might be that you usually play the straight characters and now you’re playing a comic role. It might be that you’re always the comedian and you want to take on a serious part. To avoid being typecast be open to performing in a variety of ways. Audiences love original performers. You think of the most successful stars on stage and screen, and they do something a little bit different. They’ve got a little bit of wow factor. There’s something unique about their voice, or their body, or their timing and that’s how people remember them.

Be unique.

Be yourself

Challenge yourself to become more versatile performer and you’ll stand out from the crowd.