Production week is such an exciting time of the year, and the real pinnacle of any performer’s theatre training. There are a few tips to ensure that your young performer’s production week runs smoothly and they have the time of their life!


  1.  Firstly, be on time. Be punctual for dress rehearsals and performances. Children and teenagers are often quite nervous about performing and being on time will help them to get to the theatre, take a breath, take their time, and be ready.
  2. It’s also important to get lots of sleep. Sometimes rehearsals run for a little bit longer than a class would and they’re very exciting, so we expel a lot of energy. An early bedtime and lots of sleep is essential to keeping energized for the big show.
  3. Encourage your child to be energetic while they perform. It’s quite daunting to be standing on the big stage when you’re used to being in a smaller studio. The teachers will encourage this as well, but if you could have a chat to your child about performing with energy and remembering that the audience really want to see them having a great time. It doesn’t matter if they lose a step or forget a line – they’re kids. We’re not expecting this to be a professional production. What we do love to see is smiling, happy faces and children having the time of their lives.
  4. Be ready to be flexible. Sometimes things don’t go as planned in the theatre. A light may need to be re-focussed, a costume may need to be repaired, things happen. Encourage your child to be flexible while rehearsing and performing in the theatre.
  5. Finally, enjoy the spotlight. This is what we’ve working towards for such a long time. The day is here! Build up the excitement at home, make it a special time for your child because this is where you’ll see how far they’ve come in their classes. This is where your child’s self esteem rockets through the roof. This is the time for them to step into themselves and be proud of what they’ve achieved.